Author Topic: Times are hell  (Read 4203 times)

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Times are hell
« on: July 14, 2018, 08:31:27 PM »
You all may have noticed that things are going from awful, to horrific, to almost bearable, to: omg things are improving to the current:  frig.

expect delays. expect many vendors to not take newbies now.

but do not get desperate. do not go out and order meds from some unknown.  nor from a well known.

unless u know the vendor and trust them, don't be messing around with "new" or "re emerging" vendors.

have back up if u can.

the times they have a changed.  and u all had better stop wasting this forum and talk. u can make friends on here.

but u feel the need to waste time and this resource.

we have a couple vendors in plain view that will be able to get through now.

Email them. Post to them.

But be ready.  Read and follow the news on forums.  and, post.  you may learn something.
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