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Title: What I have heard...
Post by: DrDirt on August 23, 2018, 08:39:25 PM
Is that DBG is owned by vendor Jim of starlite.  And that every few years he ups and moves on, taking clients money with him.

And, of course, while those jerks at DBG were trying to take down other forums without cause, They lost quite a lot of respect, when good old jewbacca and hooter et al. set up the fake pain clinic.  The fake payment plan wherein it all went to him.

Oh well.  If a forum wants you to pay for information, and or make five hundred posts, then they are already put into question ethically.

Don't believe me?  Put up a post giving the truth about a product from starlite.   Be brutally honest.  And then see how long before you are banned and a happy happy joy joy receival statement will be posted where your words were.

He will also doxx his own members of his forum.  And anyone at other forums that may scare him.

Nah, you may keep your rec users.  Your forever association with selective scamming.  You will forever be linked to jewbacca.  hooter, chewy, the ketchup bottle freak.

Title: Re: What I have heard...
Post by: DrDirt on January 29, 2019, 01:21:54 AM
Go away.  Or, sign up and post as though you were normal.  No?  cannot handle that?  Did not think so.