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Title: Hey, I have an Idea...
Post by: DrDirt on February 21, 2019, 09:30:01 PM
Now, you ladies and gentlemen can start sharing sources.

It is now your turn.

However,  the vendor brave enough to be shown now, can handle all your needs.  Contact him via email.

But, two yrs of this bull crap?  Fake accts and all cuz u have serious mental problems.

No, thank you.  Whom are good vendors?
Title: Re: Hey, I have an Idea...
Post by: DrDirt on March 01, 2019, 07:26:44 PM
No takers.  Uhm, we don't want your blogs of some perverted act.

If you are serious chronically ill people and serious chronic anxiety patients, then please share your experiences.

Again, the chronically ill do not want to see videos of perversion.  You may discuss chronic pain.  The difficulty in obtaining medical treatment in your areas.

Or what life with PTSD is really like.

But please stop frigging around with balderdash nonsense.

Because I am not put on this earth to waste time with the idiots whom will never understand honor and kindness and the concept of helping one another.  Life is very difficult to get through, as it turns out, and it really helps at Existing forums, for people to share with others.

And they dont share school essays.  Or porn.  That redirects to some network that indicates it will take over ur computer if you were dumb enough to click on a link.

Fairly sure this is your last opportunity to be part of a forum.  Oh well.  We tried.